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Engagement photoshoot in Maceda, Portugal

I love meeting new people and new cultures.

Vathsa is Indian, Ana is Portuguese, the mixture of the two is beautiful to see.

I was the lucky one that they choose to immortalize all their wedding related moments trough my work!

No, it´s not just the wedding day, it´s a little bit more than that.

Even before the engagement photoshoot, we had the “pre-wedding party”, an afternoon well spent with the traditional Haldi (turmeric) and Henna.

What a beautiful moment!

The engagement photoshoot took place the following day, at Praia de S. Pedro de Maceda, in Ovar.

Loose, free, with a lot of complicity and love between them, everything became easy and natural.

With good conversation, with the right spirit and with the will, the wedding day will be beautiful and big.

It’s coming soon, very soon, until then are the photos of the engagement photoshoot and the pre-wedding party.

See you soon…

“Enjoy the Journey”