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Casamento na Quinta da Terrincha

From England with Love!
Alexander is Portuguese, Lydia is English, a good mix.
I met them through Alexandre’s mother, who was the first to contact me.
Because they are living in England and not that many trips to Portugal, I only met them shortly before the wedding.
The engagement photoshoot helped with this, and that is precisely what it is for, to gain trust and friendship with the newlyweds.
Very passionate and very well connected, it was easy to understand their wave and meet what they wanted for the big day.
Their story begins at school, at All Saints in York, England, it was 2011.
They became friends, got to know each other and the years passed.
The first kiss was in a restaurant in York, after a whole afternoon of conversation, it had to be.
In 2018, finally living in the same city, the York that will always be connected to them, started dating.
Until then it was difficult, she lived in Scotland and he in Oxford, they only spoke by phone and were together, even if virtually.
At the highest point of Scafell Pike in the Lake District of England, Alex had a great idea.
He designed, with stones, the proposal of marriage, a thoughtful moment and a well-chosen place for the effect.
And that brought us to the big day of this story.
The big day had arrived and there we were in Cardanha, where they both got ready and in the church where they got married.
A special church for me, where I did something I wanted to do for many years… a story for later ?
A small but beautiful church, very typical of the lands of Portugal.
From the Church, we head to Quinta da Terrincha, in Torre de Moncorvo.
It was not our first visit to this farm, but they are all special.
A beautiful day, family (as always in Trás-os-Montes) and friends, some from abroad, many languages mixed.
With everything to be happy, good news brightened the marriage even more, Lydia’s pregnancy.
Be happy the way you are, continue to get along, you have everything for a bright future.
And, without further ado, here are some wedding photos.
See you soon…
“Enjoy the journey”